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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The New Yamagata Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

After a long search to try to find Melbourne's equivalent to my favourite Japanese buffet served at PJ Hilton Hotel, Malaysia, I have to unfortunately say that nothing really comes close to it. Nevertheless, my cravings for Japanese buffets led me to this place, which has an all-you-can-eat buffet with a two hour time limit. You can either make a reservation for the early seating, which is at 6pm or you can start feasting at 8pm. A large amount of salmon and tuna sashimi, various types of sushi, unagi, tempura, terriyaki beef, seaweed salad, octopus salad, beef tongue, Japanese pancakes, chicken and beef skewers, bean curd, fried fish, sesame ice cream and green tea ice cream were consumed that night. Although you can't expect premium cuts of sashimi, the sashimi and sushi served here is decent.

As with buffets, one would normally expect to walk up to the area where the food is served or displayed. However, at Yamagata, a pencil and several forms which list all the dishes available for the all-you-can-eat buffet is provided. All you need to do is select the dishes by filling up the form and hand the form to the waiter. A handy tip is to place a massive order each time to minimise waiting time and you can also ensure that there will be a constant flow of food on the table during the two hours. With the sashimi and sushi, each portion only contains two slices of fish. Hence, if you're planning to feast on salmon, tuna or sushi, don't be afraid to place five portions or more on the form.

All in all, I was about to explode after an hour of eating and obviously had to slow down during my second hour there. Nonetheless, if you have a huge appetite and enjoy sashimi, this buffet is well worth it.

Restaurant Information:
The New Yamagata Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant
15-21 Anderson Creek Road, Doncaster East 3109
Phone: (03) 9841 9888
Website: http://www.yamagata.com.au/

Opening hours: Daily (6pm - 11pm), Friday & Saturday (12pm - 3pm)


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